About Us

We're mutual, we only work for you

'Saving Squad' has been developed for you by the Association of Financial Mutuals. Mutual organisations are not owned by external shareholders (like a PLC) but work for, and only answer to customers like you. We have developed this site with the support of many of the leading organisations involved in financial capability and financial education in the UK. Mutuals believe it is vital to encourage healthy attitudes towards money and savings in our next generation through making money come to life with fun activities at home and at school.

Our aim is for 'Saving Squad' to become the national benchmark for financial literacy education in primary schools across England, Scotland and Wales. We hope you enjoy the website. To find out why Association of Financial Mutuals argues that Mutual companies can deliver greater potential value, better service and higher levels of customer trust, go to www.ownedbyyou.org

The Association of Financial Mutuals