Financial Capability Resources & Lesson Plans KS2

About this online resource.

Saving Squad is an exciting free financial capability resource, designed to teach 7-11 year olds the core principles of money and the benefits of saving.

It is a free financial capability resource, where children can explore a fun virtual world and solve a variety of realistic money related problems, improving their numeracy and financial capability.

The delightful characters and points element will help motivate children to become confident and successful learners and develop an understanding of how and why we save. The virtual bank teaches them about different types of money and the chip and pin system mirrors how things are bought in the real world.

All activities are designed around the English and Scottish financial capability and national curriculums and come with 3 levels of difficulty to cater for all abilities.

Using the resource and playing the game pupils will cover the following financial education skills which are referenced from

Children aged 7-9:

  • I know cash is only one way to pay for goods and services
  • I can describe ways of paying that don’t involve cash (chip and pin)
  • I can plan and track my spending and saving by keeping simple records (e.g. checking bank statement)
  • I know I can keep my money in a bank account
  • I can make spending and saving choices based on my own needs
  • I know that the choices I make about spending and saving my money can be influenced by and have an impact on other people (e.g. Eco farm, considering the ethical dimension)

Children aged 9-11:

  • I know I need to check and keep basic financial information (e.g. bank statements)
  • I understand that planning my spending helps me stay in control of my money (choosing what to spend points on in the online shop)
  • I can make comparisons between prices when deciding what is best ‘value is for money’
  • I am beginning to understand why and how some of the money we earn supports the wider community (Eco farm)
  • I understand why making informed decisions will help me make the most of the money I spend and save
  • I can recognise when people are trying to influence my choices about money (using a range of coupons and special offers)

Each activity is supported by a comprehensive financial capability lesson plans and visually stimulating worksheets, developed by teachers for simple use in the classroom.

Saving Squad is an ideal financial capability resource for engaging the whole class through the interactive whiteboard but can just as easily be used individually or in groups. Playing the games provides lots of opportunities for discussion through modelling real life money related situations.

As the resource is web based and users can save their progress, Saving Squad can be used anywhere with internet access, developing important home-school links.

Younger children

We also developed for younger children, which is just as much fun to use, but aimed at meeting the curriculum requirements of 5 to 7 year olds